10 Best Stocks For Next 10 Years

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As you all know that the recession has started in this whole world, the whole world is struggling with the recession and the shares of all the multinational companies are continuously falling, in such a situation the investors are very nervous.

I do not understand at all in which company he should invest his money so that he can get good returns in the future. For your information, let us tell you that before taking shares of any company, its stock price, its PE ratio, its booking value and the company Dividend must be known, just to solve this problem, we have brought an article for you, which will help you a lot in buying stock in future, we make 10 best stocks for next 10 years article for you.

Will help in buying shares and will also bring you a significant growth in the coming 10 years. Most of the investors, without doing research on their behalf, buy any cheap shares at someone’s behest and later have to face the problem. My advice to you is that before buying any share, you should do a good research on your behalf, only after that you should buy any share, as far as I am concerned, I am a financial advisor, I am from finance.

I like to write finance related articles and I have 5 years of experience in finance area, so I will keep finding the top 10 best stocks to buy now . In this article stocks are very good for you so that you do not face any problem, so let’s start 10 best articles for next 10 years

10 Best Stocks For Next 10 Years
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Hearing the name The Home Depot Inc, it is known that it manufactures home-related products, it is an American multinational company that manufactures and sells tools and also constructs the product, as well as provides home appliances and services.

The CEO of this company is Edward Decker. This company was founded on 29 June 1978 in Georgia, United States. The founder of this company is Benard Marcus.

This is America’s biggest home appliance multinational company. Talk about the share price of this company. The price is ( march 2023 – 280.82 $ ) , the monthly growth of this company is also good and the annual growth is also very good, so you should try the stock according to your research.

Market Capitalization = $299.5B

Dividend = 7.79

book value = 1.54$

PE ratio = 17.68

1 month return = 1.12%

1 year return = 3.42%

5 years return = 69.84%


Chevron Corporation It is America’s Largest Oil and Gas Best Multi National Energy Corporation This Company is Standard Oil Company which is located in California Its Headquarter is in San Ramon California This Company is located in 185 Plus Countries .

The CEO of this Company is Mike Wirth It was founded on September 10, 1879 in California United States, the same stock price of this company is ( march 2023 – $ 159.49 ) , the monthly growth of this company is very good, there has been a slight increase in the growth of the year, this is a very good stock. You can invest according to your research, it will bring you good returns in future.

Market Capitalization = 306.7B

Dividend = 5.68

book value = 83.17$

PE ratio = 8.71

1 month return = 1.09%

1 year return = 0.74%

5 years return = 42.09%


Eli Lilly and Company is a large pharmaceutical company based in America, whose headquarter is in Indiana, the company’s office is present in 18 plus countries, the products of this company are sold in 130 countries, the CEO of this company is David A. This company was founded in Ricks 18 76, if we talk about the stock price of this company (March 2023 – 337.65 $), it can be a best stocks to invest in right now for investors, you all can buy this stock without any worries.

Market Capitalization = 324.5B

Dividend = 3.92

book value = 11.83$

PE ratio = 49.23

1 month return = 7.58%

1 year return = 17.84%

5 years return = 342.89%


JP Morgan Chase is an American financial multinational service-based company headquartered in New York City, the largest bank in the United States and the world’s largest bank by market capitalization. The company was founded by john pierpont morgan on 31 December 2000. The stock price of this company ( march 2023 – 129.29$ ) .

Market Capitalization = 380.1B

Dividend = 4

book value = 90.29$

PE ratio = 10.62

1 month return = 9.29%

1 year return = 4.12%

5 years return = 19.19%


Mastercard Inc. This is the world’s second largest payment processing corporation limited company, it provides financial services to the people. The head quarter of this company is in New York United States. The CEO of this company is Michael miebach . This company was founded on November 3, 1966. The founder of the company is wells fargo , the number of employees of this company was 29000. Currently, the share price of this company is ( march 2023 – 357.42 $ ) .

Market Capitalization = 342.5B

Dividend = 2.04

book value = 6.59$

PE ratio = 33.91

1 month return = 0.53%

1 year return = 0.95%

5 years return = 110.71%



Walmart Inc. is a american company situated in the USA. This company works on hypermarkets. The CEO of this company is doug mcmillion . this company was founded in July 2 1962

founder of this company is Sam Walton and current stock price of this company is 143.65$

Market Capitalization = 392.7B

Dividend = 2.24

book value = 28.48$

PE ratio = 34.11

1 month return = 4.82%

1 year return = 2.38%

5 years return = 69.87%

4) Exxon Mobil Corporation

Exxon Mobil Corporation It is America’s largest Oil and Gas Based Multinational Corporation Company Headquarter of this company is in Spring Texas United States . Darren Woods is the CEO of this company which was founded on 30 November 1990 . Mobil, Standard OIL is the founder of this company, Number of Employee of this company is 62,000 The company’s stock price is ( march 2023 – 108.23$ ) . best stocks to invest in 2023 is Exxon mobil corp

Market Capitalization = 453.4B

Dividend = 3.55

book value = 47.78$

PE ratio = 8.4

1 month return = 2.79%

1 year return = 31.87%

5 years return = 46.17%


United Health Group As the name suggests, this company is a health-related company or an American multinational health group. This company provides health care and insurance services. The CEO of this company is Andrew Witty . on January 1977 this company is founded. Richard T Burke is the founder of this company. Talking about the stock price of this company, is $ 466.90.

Market Capitalization = 440.4B

Dividend = 6.4

book value = 83.27$

PE ratio = 22.27

1 month return = 1.25%

1 year return = 7.34%

5 years return = 110.43%


Johnson & Johnson is a multinational corporation foundation of America. This company manufactures medical devices and works in the field of pharmaceuticals. Joaquin Duato is the CEO of this company. this company was founded on january 1886 in united states . The founder of this company is james wood johnson. The head quarter of this company is New Jersey United States. The stock price of this company is ( march 2023 – 152.99$ ).

Market Capitalization = 398.7B

Dividend = 4.45

book value = 29.39$

PE ratio = 17.68

1 month return = 0.64%

1 year return = 12.17%

5 years return = 20.76%

1) Berkshire Hathway Inc ClassA

Berkshire Hathaway INC is American Multinational Corporation Limited This company does insurance based work . The owner of this company is Warren Buffett. Oliver Chace is the founder of this company The head quarter of this company is in United States . The current stock price of the company is ( march 2023 – 4,61 842. 47$).

Market Capitalization = 668.6B

Dividend = NA

book value = NA

PE ratio = NA

1 month return = 1.62%

1 year return = 10.24%

5 years return = 56.85%

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Conclusion –

I hope you have liked this article written by me, I am a finance advisor and I have a lot of knowledge about finance, so I share information related to finance for you so that you all do not have problems in investing, thank you


Q1 – what stock will grow the most in 2023

Ans – ELI LILLY AND COMPANY due to high return of this stock

Q2 – which stock is most valuable in future

Ans – Apple , Microsoft , Tesla , are the most valuable stocks

Q3 – best long term stocks to buy now

Ans – facebook , amazon , walmart are the best long term stocks


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